An Eccentric Idea that Links the Nations - The Gallery of Flour Sacks - Illustration 1An Eccentric Idea that Links the Nations - The Gallery of Flour Sacks - Illustration 2

An Eccentric Idea that Links the Nations

As so often happens, the idea of our flour sack collection was fathered by chance. Early one morning in 1998 I was taking a walk on the beach in Dubai. My head was full of sun, wind and the smell of the sea. I was thinking of the ebb and flow of the tide, that washes surprising things ashore, when I suddenly stumbled over a plastic sack half buried in the sand. It aroused my curiosity; I was determined to know what the sack had once contained. I read the name »Emigrain«.

»It can’t be true«, I thought. »A flour sack from one of our customers!« No, I couldn’t just leave it lying abandoned and unheeded like a dead fish on the beach. »I wonder what happened at sea to make a ship lose flour sacks?« shot through my mind. With my bare hands I dug out the sandy and dirty piece of plastic and took it back to the hotel, careful not to let any of the guests see me with my find and ask embarrassing questions. The shower was immediately transformed into a sack-washing plant. My wife was speechless; she decided I really had gone crazy now. But nothing could stop me taking my find home to Hamburg to create a new work of contemporary art: »The Stranded Flour Sack«.

My act of saving a flour sack – rescued from the depths of the sea – triggered a kind of exhilaration in me. I saw it as a good omen for our company’s motto, »Mühlenchemie makes good flours even better!«
So piece by piece our »Gallery of Flour Sacks« developed almost of its own accord.

Volkmar Wywiol
Owner of Mühlenchemie GmbH & Co. KG