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The Gallery of Flour Sacks. Now in a museum of its own.

Since June 2008 the unique collection has been presented in a museum of its own, the FlourWorld Museum. The 3,600 or more flour sacks are now housed in the former District Court building of the town of Wittenburg in Mecklenburg, just a stone’s throw from Mühlenchemie’s production plant. Ten years after the legendary find by Mühlenchemie’s owner Volkmar Wywiol, the “Gallery of Flour Sacks” has found a new home there and demonstrates the importance of flour as one of man’s basic foods.

From Dubai to Wittenburg. An idea with consequences.

When Volkmar Wywiol discovered an empty flour sack washed up on the beach in Dubai in 1998 he could scarcely guess the consequences this find would have. But Wywiol’s interest in the subject of flour sacks had been roused, and back in Hamburg he gained the enthusiastic support of his business associates and Mühlenchemie’s employees for the idea of a flour sack collection. Since then, over 3,600 exhibits from five continents have found their way into the “Gallery of Flour Sacks”. After being housed temporarily at various Mühlenchemie locations the sacks are now in Wittenburg, where they form the heart of the FlourWorld Museum.
You will find more information about the museum on this website at “The Museum” or on the museum’s own website (new window).